WAKE TV has worked with nearly every student organization, academic department, and administrative group to film, edit, and produce video copies of events on campus.  The studio regularly films guest lectures, special events (such as Presidential campaign rallies), campus traditions, and sporting events to help create tangible records of what goes on at Wake Forest University.

If you would like to have an event recorded, please contact the Chief Operations Officer with specific information (including date, time, location, length of event, deadline for receiving video copies, etc).  You will receive a response as soon as your request is processed!

Email the Chief Operations Officer now!


Notable Past Tapings

  1. Candidate John Mccain

  2. Candidate Hilary Clinton

  3. Candidate Barack Obama

  4. CNN Analyst David Gergen

  5. PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

  6. Last Lecture Series: Lubin

  7. Last Lecture Series: Puckett

  8. NBA Draft 2009

  9. Hit the Bricks 2009

  10. Wake Forest Football 2009

  11. Wake Forest Band 2009

  12. Wake Forest Basketball 2010

  13. Spike Lee

  14. NBA Draft 2010

  15. Founders’ Day Convocation

  16. Press Conference: Bzdelik hired

  17. Provost’s Thursdays at Starling

  18. Business School’s dean videos

  19. Law School’s dean videos

Event Tapings

Recording the Campus